Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bella's First Recital

Bella just had her first recital and it was so cute! Isabella is enrolled at Casa Ninos Montessori School which she loves so much. Every year they take 3 weeks off during the summer, but before the break they have a show were all of the students are involved in. This years theme was "Kids in America". After the toddlers preformed their number they sat in front to watch the older students. While they sat and watched most of the songs, they were getting a little ansty and decided to dance in front of the stage. I don't know which was more cute...the older students or the toddlers dancing in front. The first couple of pictures is Isabella on stage and the last are of her dancing in front. I can't wait to see what fun stuff they do next year! Dad, Mom, and Grandma were able to make the show and I know that Isabella felt special to have Papa, Yaya, and G.G. there (not that she needs any help feeling special).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Catching up

My cousin Liz has been blogging for a while and every time she posts something a little bit of my "mom instincts" makes me feel like I am not keeping up with informing the world on how great my kid is. I am joining the blogging world and hopefully I will keep up with it!